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The Bagpipes


 The Great Highland bagpipes that are familiar to us all – have a convoluted history that is enshrined with legend. The Pipes date back to the 1500s were they were documented being used in a battle to spur on the troops. Even to this day Scottish regiments are accompanied by a piper. The Bagpipes are the instrument of Scotland. They have the ability to make a huge, dominating presence when played. The Bagpipes have an incredibly rich history and are a fantastic instrument to learn.

Our Tutors


At the Bagpipe Learning Centre all of our tutors have had years of experience teaching the Bagpipes. Our teachers are hand picked, to ensure they can deliver the high quality of teaching we strive for. We pride ourselves and our tutors on the ability to adapt lesson to suit our students. Whether it's making certain sections more challenging to push the students, or having the initiative to tackle sections with different learning techniques which may suit the student more.

The Bagpipe Learning Centre


The Bagpipe Learning Centre was founded in 2010. After Logan Leckie (our founder) noticed how hard it was to learn the Scottish Bapipes if you lived outside of Scotland. Logan started to dedicate some time teaching students in local schools in the area. However it was quickly realised that people wanted to learn throughout the country. This led to the creation of The Bagpipe Learning Centre. Who started teaching students online- via skype. This enabled us to teach people throughout the country and even people living on the other side of the world.

  Logan Leckie
Founder’s Notes 

After being born in Edinburgh but moving to England in my later years the bagpipes have always been a huge part of my life. My Father having the role of Pipe Major throughout my childhood meant that from a young age the house was always booming with the sound of bagpipes. Being able to teach and pass on the knowledge of the Pipes which my father passed onto me is a delight.

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