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  What are Online Lessons?     

  • Online Lessons are one to one private lessons carried out on a Skype video call, taking you step by step how to learn and play the bagpipes.

  • The first online lesson is completely FREE, so you can determine whether online learning is for you and to see whether you're suited to your tutor

  • All lessons are 40 minutes long and cost £25

  Why Choose Online Lessons?     

What To Expect From Our Online Lessons

We will begin most lessons by getting accustomed to the Chanter. The Chanter is used to learn new tunes, practise music reading and to work on the piper's fingering technique. Most lessons will begin with the student and teacher doing some work with the Chanter. Starting by learning to play the scale and progressing onto perfecting new tunes.

Introduction To The Chanter  
  • Online Lessons are cheaper & you save money through no travel costs. 

  • If you have a busy schedule online lessons will save you time. Not having to commute to a tutor or waiting for a tutor to arrive. 

  • You can learn from anywhere in the world. Not being able to find a bagpipe tutor is the number 1 reason people give up on learning the bagpipes. Whether you live in Tokyo or London, you can still learn with online lessons.

  • All tutors are DBS checked. 

 Reading Music  

Reading music is essential in order for a piper to become self sufficient. Bagpipe music is actually much easier to read then most other forms of music. It should only take us a couple of lessons to master music reading. 

 Discovering the Pipes    

Once we are confident with the chanter and our music reading is up to scratch we will move onto the bagpipes. We will go over how to look after and maintain your pipes, followed by how to tune them. Then we need to build up our lung power; this involves several exercises which the student must carry out daily. Once the lung power has been built up we can start getting used to playing tunes on the Bagpipes.


£25 per lesson. With every lesson being 40 minutes long.

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